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Connecting Dots with Flowers

Floris Istana offers our members a space to share their thoughts, whether it's about flowers or motherhood.

Pen your thoughts,; share your mind.,

Fill in the void with the wonders of your kind;

Some funny, some heart-warming;

Just bear in mind, you are here to bind,

Encouraging and cheering on everyone you find. ~Ashley Loh

P/s: Be kind with your words and gentle on your comment. Like a garden, we need everyone to make us whole. Some smaller shrub; some bigger plant, but that gives the landscape and texture to our lives and how we intertwine. Thats the beauty of life!

What can members do?

Members can follow each other, write and reply to comments and receive blog notifications. Each member gets their own personal profile page that they can customize.


If you are interested to share in this apce, drop me an email ~

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Head to your Member’s Page

  2. Search for the member you want to make a writer

  3. Click on the member’s profile

  4. Click the 3 dot icon ( ⠇) on the Follow button

  5. Select Set as Writer

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