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"Whever life plants you, bloom with grace... "

The untold stories... how it all started.

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream."

I feel nervous threading uncharted waters especially I barely know how to run a business and have just became a mom myself in 2009. Looking back, it all seem so surreal carrying my little boy , Daniel (barely 1 year old) in Baby B'jorn carrier walking from supplier to supplier looking for supplies. Daniel is almost 12 years old and so is Floris Istana. They grew up together in my new world. One from the womb of my body and the other from the brainchild of my dream. We all have dreams in life, being a florist is my dream since primary school. I have always love flowers and when I am in Amsterdam, I would spend hours and hours walking around the flower market or any of the botanical gardens around the world. It rejuvenates my mind and spirit and create a sense of serendipity in me! I always feel alive when I have flowers in my hands. There's always flowers; flowers are fashion; flowers are mood lifter; flowers are my friends and I find its kindred spirit when I see it touches the heart of the recipients. There I find my purpose of living ~ creating magical moments, touching lives I have never met in person. That brings melody to my heart and a purpose to my soul!

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